Wind farm - Banzi


The project was proposed by EDP Renewables Italia S.r.l.. EDP Renewables is a world leader in the sector of plants supplied by renewable sources and it is the third company in the world for electricity generation coming from wind source. The area where the wind farm, called “Parco la Rocca”, will take place is situated in the Municipality of Banzi, in the province of Potenza.


Banzi (PZ), Italy
EDP Renewables Italia S.r.l.


The energy produced by the wind farm will be channel into the Delivery Point 30 kV/150kV by using underground cable ducts. The delivery point will be situated in front of the under construction Substation called “Genzano” in the countryside of the city of Genzano di Lucania (PZ) in the area called “Cacciapaglia”. Tèkne drew up the Executive Project of the authorized system in accordance with Regional Authority Decision of 29/04/2013, n. 598 of Region Basilicata.


Performed activities

Tèkne drew up the Final Project, the Environmental Impact Assessment and the Landscape Authorisation of the wind farm. The project, at the beginning, concerned the installation of 15 wind turbines of 2,4 MW for a complex energy output of 37,5 MW. During the project’s appraisal, done by the Energy Office of Region Basilicata, the wind turbines were reduced to 5 units, model Vestas V100 with an energy output of 2 MW each one and a total output of 10 MW.

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