Tèkne srl, participated with the architect Ahmed ZIYAT of Rabat (Main Company) and with the architect Carlo PES of Rome at the open competition organized by the Ministry of Health for the planning and management of the works related to the construction of a UNIVERSITY HOSPITAL CENTER with 500 beds in the city of Laayoune in the south of Morocco.


Ministry of Health


First of all, the design followed the goal of urban integration in order to make the whole project attractive. The hospital as structural object of urban space appears as an essential component of the city and for this reason the hospital has been designed as an urban space to promote continuity with the city itself. The other guiding criteria that characterized the design were the modularity and flexibility, to be understood both in the sense of an organism able to adapt to the possible functional reconversions, but above all of a "System" able to favor a use multifunctional and multidimensional of the available areas, in relation to the changing organizational-functional needs. Particular attention has also been paid to the production of energy from renewable sources and to the energy efficiency of the structures. Numerous international studies participated in the competition and our grouping was ranked among the top positions.


This project was included in a global and structural Moroccan health retraining scheme with the aim of satisfying the following fundamental objectives:
▪ Promote a new regional health development center;
▪ Reduce the pressure on existing university hospital centers, in particular the University Hospital of Marrakech;
▪ Improve health coverage in advanced medicine in the south of the Sahara;
▪ Serve mainly the population of the Sakai El Hamra region in Laayoune, covering an area of ​​201,240 km2;
▪ Develop new training centers for doctors;
▪ Increase the medical academic capacity of the region.

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