Elecrticity from renewable sources


Elecrticity from renewable sources

Tèkne has been operating for some time in the field of electricity generation from renewable sources. In the period from 2009 to 2014 we designed and obtained authorizations, pursuant to Legislative Decree 387/2003, for the construction of large wind farms around 270 MW and photovoltaic around 110 MW, as well as several minor photovoltaic and biomass plants.

We are currently particularly engaged in the integrated design of large ground photovoltaic systems in "grid parity".

Sono in corso di autorizzazione quasi 1 GigaWatt di impianti nel Centro e Sud Italia.


For all plants we also followed the authorization process, starting from the choice of the site up to the direction of the works, passing through the landscape and environmental assessments and including the design of the connection works and MV / HV electrical substations. valutazioni paesaggistiche ed ambientali ed includendo la progettazione delle opere di connessione e delle sottostazioni elettriche MT/AT.



There are countless systems built on roofs, shelters, car parks through the installation of technologically innovative systems and with an eye always attentive to integration with the surrounding area.