PlaceRegione Puglia – Italy
ClientTelecom Italia Spa


Puglia Region, by 2016, will be one of the most advanced Italian regions with technological solutions of the next-generation connectivity with ultra-wideband (BUL) that will be realized with the laying of new fiber optic infrastructure in 148 municipalities, over the Capital of province already covered by the service, to help achieve the objectives of the European Digital. Thanks to this important project, 88% of the region will be achieved by the network NGAN (Next Generation Access Network) high performance.

The infrastructure BUL reach 148 municipalities of Puglia, 547 schools and offices of Education, 113 seats of the Central Public Administration

(research institutes, INPS offices, ministries, etc.), 278 locations Local Government (Municipalities, Mountain Communities, Consortia , authorities in membership structure, Municipal Police, Province, etc.), 42 locations, and healthcare facilities (hospitals, local health services, etc.), 185 branches of the Armed Forces. The project is therefore aimed at about 2.7 million inhabitants, through the installation of more than 5,000 kilometers of optical fiber. The municipalities involved will benefit from broadband infrastructure that will allow connectivity to at least 30 Mbps.

In this project, TEKNE Ltd. will perform the operations of
– Work management 
– Safety Coordination in phase of Execution
relatively to the laying of the fiber optic network in several municipalities of Puglia Region as:
Giovinazzo, Molfetta, Corato, Bitonto, Terlizzi, Ruvo di Puglia, Bitritto, Bitetto, Canosa di Puglia, Trani, Bisceglie, Adelfia, Leverano, Cisternino, Villa Castelli,

And in municipalities of Basilicata Region as
Genzano di Lucania ed Avigliano.

The contracting companies of works will be SIRTI, SIETEL, SITE e CEIT for Puglia Region while in Basilicata Region works will be realized by VALTELLINA Spa.