PlaceTangeri (Marocco)
CategoryDomestic and Tertiary sectors


The project, developed in cooperation between Tèkne and Bilbao Architecture Team(Spain) was born from a desire to see the face of the most contemporary Morocco and to create a new concept of public space for a vertical tower, giving a dynamic image to this building and creating different public scenarios for the variety of destination of use.
The building itself will symbolically open to the city along the front of the great hall, and will represent the Door of Morocco, impressive and monumental; the building will be visible to those who arrive by sea and also from the Spanish side.

Tower design integrates the flow of connectivity and commerce in an innovative vision of a XXI Century tower.
Integrated into the city skyline, the Tower will have a glass envelope. The complexity of the internal network of public spaces, placed strategically along the facades, exploits the view and visibility of the urban context.
The upper levels of the building include the complex of restaurants and gyms that offer a spectacular 360-degree panorama of Tanger.L’edificio must be understood as a representative element of the whole nation and the Arab culture.
With its 40 floors and 160 meters of the higher structure (for a total area of about 30 thousand square meters), the “Khamsa Tower” enrich the view of Tanger with a powerful image of urban recognizability.
Three main architectural elements, are distinguished for the treatment of the external volumes and of the relationship between full and empty.
Two in-line buildings contain spaces for public use: the reception close to enter from which opens the great hall, the place for the meetings and relashionships of the people who live in that area.

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