EndroitCorato(BA) – Italy
ClientDott. D’INTRONO M.
Categoryhospitals & healtcare centres


The social health residence “Casa Alberta” was born with the intention of offering a high quality service to old people in its territory. Società Casa Gest decided to take a challenge: combine high health and social services with high accommodation standards. It can accommodates until 110 guests and it is divided into a part of 20 and three parts of 30 beds on two floors with single and double rooms. The clinic is ready to accommodate people with disabilities. In fact, in the building, there is a gym for rehabilitation gymnastics, physiotherapy box, work and leisure centres. There is also a Chapel and some kitchens.

The heating system is composed of 3 cascade generators with a total thermal input of 180kW, situated in the central heating plant on basement at the service of these hydronic circuits:

  • Radiator heating system for toilets and utility room/warehouse
  • Heating system for sanitary hot water constituted of a 5000 l solar DHW cylinder made of dual voice coil. The upper coil is powered by a heat generator while the lower coil is powered by the solar system under installation (to be installed on the structure flat roof);
  • Heating system at the service of the swimming pool exchangers on the ground floor. Here you can find some planimetries concerning the thermo-refrigeration system at direct expansion (brand SANYO) at high-energy efficiency (high levels of COP – coefficient of performance- and EER -energy efficiency ratio-) with the location of terminals and the positioning of refrigerating lines.

Tèkne was entrusted with the work on the Final Design and the Works Management of fluid-mechanical systems made by the engineer Domenico Bruno. The structure includes a thermo-refrigeration system at direct expansion that not only guarantees the heating and cooling in rooms, but also reduces energy and maintenance costs, combining the environmental comfort with a simple and flexible use. Moreover, these applications’ users often require managing the plant in a centralized and punctual way.
We tried to find a prompt and efficient response to all these requests using the system commercially called “Power permanent refrigerating system and changeable power aeraulic system, through inverter”. The system operates on compressor/s installed on external unit. This system works with direct expansion heating pump and, because of its direct exchange “air-Freon”, it considerably reduces the set-up times of the plant. At last, the use of refrigerant gas R 410a (called “ecological gas”) permits also to eliminate big environmental problems that, during the past, these systems seriously represented. We chose this system because of its assurance on the functioning of the external unit also with summer temperatures of 43°C. Another peculiarity of this system concerns the fully discussed problem of the technical legislation in force: energy saving.
In fact, thanks to the innovative electronic technology of the proposed devices, it is possible to obtain a meticulous control of the thermal power supplied with consequent energy saving. We can achieve this objective by using sophisticated control of aeraulic introductions supplied by internal units through modulating inverters on each inside unit supplied.

By means of these devices, in fact, it is possible to modify the supplied power (in line with the maximum range allowed by each single inside unit), in a continuous and modulated way, paying attention to the thermal load for each supplied room that, as usual, considerably changes during the day and during the season when the system is mainly used.

Al last, it is important to focus our attention on the maintenance costs of this systems. They exclusively concern the inside filter units that must be periodically cleaned even if it is important to underline that in these systems there are not mechanical and/or electronic devices that require particular ordinary maintenance interventions.