PlaceFOGGIA – Puglia
ClientAzienda Ospedaliero Universitaria “Ospedali Riuniti”-Foggia
CategorySmart City


Tekne s.r.l. has carried out the design of the energy efficiency improvements of the OO.RR. Hospital of Foggia and of the “Colonnello D’Avanzo” Hospital assisting YOU SAVE, a society belonging to the Innowatio group, in submitting a Project Finance proposal. YOU SAVE is an ESCO, an Energy Service Company that, through capital investment and a performance contract, provides comprehensive energy solutions to its customers (revamping, retro fitting, relamping), thus assuring them energy and cost savings.

The complexity and the high degree of integration of the hospital activities, bigger and different installations, increase in energy and performance demand, increasing needs in terms of reliability are the guidelines followed to carry out the project:
– energy efficiency;
– high level of reliability;
– maintainability;
– flexibility;
– selectivity of the installation;
– safety of the installations;
– high user comfort level.
Tekne s.r.l. has carried out the design of the upgrading of the thermal power stations and of the installation of new hot and cold air generators together with cogenerators.
In order to increase the efficiency of the whole system, all the installed equipment will be linked to a building management system (BMS), a smart computer-based control system, using different communication protocols.
All devices including multimeters, inverters, chillers, boilers, burners communicate to the management system BMS the data about their conditions and energy consumption and receive input signals during the performance of planned operations by the CPU transferred in the whole process architecture in local mode and directly managed by a centralized building management system (BMS).
The analysed and performed automation solutions guarantee that hot and cold air generators properly work keeping a constant and high level of user comfort, without losing sight of the energy saving objectives. Automation is supplemented with the analysis of collected data to identify and address potential problems before they affect operations thus determining which measures will increase efficiency (reduction of energy consumption, predictive and preventive maintenance reducing unplanned downtime and guaranteeing continuity of service).
A such designed process architecture helps to take corrective actions if performance expectations are not met.