PlaceAndria(BT) – Puglia
ClientMontrone S.p.A.
CategorySmart City


The cheese factory Montrone was opened in the 50s in Andria and is one of the most important industry producing internationally acclaimed dairy products including fiordilatte, scamorza and burrata.
The interest in technological innovation led the cheese factory’s owners to assign to Tekne s.r.l. the task of designing the upgrading of the equipment used in manufacturing processes together with solutions aiming to reduce the energy consumption of the manufacturing site of Andria(BT).

These solutions include high-tech machinery and automation that helps limiting errors and rejects during the different phases of the manufacturing process. This technological innovation leads to achieve the desired goal, reducing operation time and finished product costs.
The automation solutions and those envisaged to guarantee energy efficiency include:
– Replacing the existing pressurization systems with innovative pumping systems using high-performance electric motors equipped with inverters;
– Installing a photovoltaic system custom-made by Tekne s.r.l. with an online dashboard which displays data about the produced power, CO2 saving and system performance;
– Replacing the existing lamps with energy-efficient led lamps;
– An electrical charge monitoring system that can control any anomaly and energy peak demand;
– Installing water level probes in each boiler to set the speed of the water supply pumps using inverters;
– Replacing the existing energy-intensive burners with high energy-efficient burners modulating combustion depending on heating demand;
– Installing a system recovering heat from smokes produced by boilers through a heat exchanger that preheats fluids thus reducing energy consumptions.
Tekne has designed a smart and interconnected system architecture based on the client’s needs, a system able to monitor, save and send data about electrical parameters and energy consumptions to a cloud platform and to display and analyse them. This system is also able to create historical data reports which are necessary for checking the results achieved applying energy efficient solutions and for pricing the product.

Furthermore, an online dashboard meets the client’s need to monitor the photovoltaic system. This system sends to the dashboard data showing that it is properly working (produced energy, instantaneous power, inverter condition, inverter alerts, and so on) and giving the opportunity to take actions in case of equipment breakdown and to plan maintenance activities on different levels.

Such a system is a starting point for a high-level system architecture combining, monitoring and controlling different technologies through a single building management system (BMS).