PlaceCanosa di Puglia (BT) – Italy
ClientComune di Canosa di Puglia
CategoryEnergy Efficiency


The Feasibility Study and Preliminary Project Report by engineer Mariagrazia Falco concerns the Municipal Building of Canosa di Puglia in the context of the “Operational Regional Program FESR 2007-2013” about interventions on public buildings.
The Municipal Building is an historical building rose up around 1300 as a Franciscan convent; it is composed of three floors with square plan and encloses an internal courtyard. This building has a surface of about 1050 m2.

According to Asse II del P.O. FESR, the interventions proposed are able to achieve specific targets in order to give the building an environmental performance not less than “2” according to “Protocollo Itaca”.
The design concerned these aspects:
Water protection and water saving;
Environmental protection: through the realization of flowerbeds with autochthon plants, sustainable mobility’s promotion, alternative systems to reach upper floors for people with disabilities;
Wastes: identification of a good area for selecting waste sorting;
Energy: by means of substitution of heating thermal generation systems with ventilation system by using an only thermo-refrigeration system at high efficiency; internal insulation systems and roofing insulation; photovoltaic system on roof for electricity generation and solar heating system for domestic hot water’s production; substitution of external shutters and installation of adjustable shading systems; home robotic systems such as occupancy detectors for internal lightning activation systems; control system and consumption measuring.