PlaceGenova and Tito (PZ)
ClientAnsaldo STS S.p.A.
CategorySmart City


Ansaldo STS is a worldwide company that is leading contractor, system integrator and turnkey supplier of the most important transport projects for railways and subway trains .
Tèkne srl and ASVITO Holding Group have designed the relamping with Smart-ligthing for Ansaldo offices in Genova and in Tito (in Basilicata Region).

Using the LED light, the workplace will be more challenging and creative for the whole staff. A dim light room does not lure productiveness, while a well-lighted space make employees much more energetic and active. LED lamps illuminate indoor areas in a more efficient way, minimizing maintenance operations (due to the long service life).
On the basis of these principles, the drafted design includes:
• full enlightenment census;
• control of the power grid and the electric switchboard;
• Complete lighting calculation of 4000 lamps and identification of the best LED technology;
• Measures of the exact consumption of each lamp;
• Smart lighting management for each area (offices, open spaces, technical areas, corridors);
• Brightness and presence management to minimize electrical consumption.
The system was developed on a cloud-wired and Wi-fi-connected platform.
Following the implementation of the proposed solution it was estimated 80% of energy saving.