Design with us the ultra-broadband FTTH and FTTB with PNI tool

Today, Tèkne srl is able to design and abide by all the specific technical aspects of the implementation of fiber optic access networks, adapting the principles, the logic and the methodologies of optical networks to the specific territory, through the use of IT tools evolved for design (PNI Small Word).
Mr. Alfonso Fortunato, Tèkne’s engineer, has personally attended the specialization course held by Open Fiber and Elis and the skills acquired will help to bridge the “digital gap” that our country faces in the field of digital skills. As for water, gas, electricity, now also the Internet has become a primary need and the all-fiber optic network is the ultimate in technology and performance.
Thanks to ultra-fast connections in FTTH – Fiber To The Home and FTTB – Fiber To The Building technology, access to the most innovative digital services will be guaranteed.
Moreover, through the Physical Network Inventory (PNI) it is possible to model an entire communication network, including the interiors of sites and plants. PNI supports multiple communication technologies, devices of different manufacturers and was born to document wireless and wired connections.

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